Thanks to Curt Aigner for his generous donation of these TRD filters.


- The filter on the left is the TRD USA made filter (brand new!), White (00602-90915-004), MSRP $13

- The filter on the right is the TRD Japan made filter (brand new!),, Red (00642-90915-001) (Also under #90915-SP020), MSRP $27.50

Both filters fit the 93-98 Supra, and cross reference to 90915-20003, 90915-YZZB5 and 08922-02011


Part numbers printed on the boxes top


They look different from the outside...


The TRD Japan Box looks nicer IMO :-)


You can see here the TRD Japan filter is greased and sealed, not so on the TRD USA filter, also there are 8 holes for the oil inlet on the TRD Japan filter, 6 bigger holes on the TRD USA filter....


- The TRD Japan filter face looks Exactly like the Toyota Japan filter (90915-20004)

- The TRD USA filter face looks similar to the Mobil1 Filter Design.


Both Filters Opened up! The TRD Japan filter body was slightly tougher then the TRD USA filter.


They are obviously Different!,


- The TRD USA filter is almost a copy of the Mobil1 Filter , the same 'upper' type Relief Valve used as the Mobil1 Filters, Even the anti-drain seal is an exact copy of the Mobil1 Filter , there are few differences but I would think that is due to my last test on the Mobil1 filter was in early 2000, so maybe Mobil1 made some small changes since that time (I need to cut another Mobil 1 filter soon!), I wouldn't be surprised if Mobil1 makes it for TRD USA, or a 3rd party makes it for both of them.

- The TRD Japan Filter is Designed similarly to the stock filter, except for the Relief Valve, which is a copy of the Lexus filter Relief Valve. the anti-drain valve is blue instead of orange.


As you can see here a close up of the filtering material, I have no way of testing them, I do believe the TRD Japan material is something new I haven't seen before (but still paper like), both don't match the material found on the Lexus V8 filter.


The threaded body on the TRD Japan filter is much thicker!