Toyota oil filters – Toyota 90915-20004 vs. Toyota 08922-02011 vs. Mobil1

Toyota/ Lexus Oil
Filters –  90915-20004 vs. 08922-02011

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for the Mobil 1 Oil Filter


The oil filter on the left(90915-20004) is
the V8 Lexus oil filter that will fit the supra perfectly,
its used on Lexus V8 engines,  it was recommended over the stock toyota supra filter (on the right,
08922-02011). The V8 Lexus oil filter is made in Japan and comes greased up and
sealed for clean installation, you don’t find that on the supra stock filter,
also the V8 Lexus oil filter holds a higher capacity of oil and have a larger
filtering area, also the filtering material on V8 Lexus oil filter ‘looks’ superior to the
traditional filtering material on supra stock filter. The filter on the left (V8
Lexus oil filter) cost about $8-10, The filter on the right(supra stock
filter) cost about $4-6.

toyota_filter_1.jpg (36526 bytes)

dsc00399.jpg (110352 bytes)


Notice the size difference

dsc00383.jpg (85846 bytes)

dsc00382.jpg (86338 bytes)

dsc00372.jpg (87957 bytes)

dsc00373.jpg (89367 bytes)

dsc00396.jpg (86034 bytes)

dsc00397.jpg (89287 bytes)

dsc00376.jpg (97765 bytes)

dsc00377.jpg (95891 bytes)


Notice the filtering construction
and material on both.
the  filter on the left have a new design and much thicker,
the filter on the right is a basic filter design.

dsc00379.jpg (134299 bytes)

dsc00378.jpg (164854 bytes)

dsc00390.jpg (82339 bytes)

dsc00389.jpg (84681 bytes)


Notice the bypass valves on

dsc00380.jpg (119553 bytes)

dsc00381.jpg (97400 bytes)

dsc00392.jpg (102630 bytes)

dsc00391.jpg (94829 bytes)


Again, Notice the filtering construction
and material on both.

dsc00393.jpg (120033 bytes)

dsc00394.jpg (124350 bytes)

dsc00384.jpg (106742 bytes)

dsc00386.jpg (100573 bytes)

dsc00385.jpg (101792 bytes)

dsc00387.jpg (116369 bytes)

dsc00388.jpg (113603 bytes)






One Response to Toyota oil filters – Toyota 90915-20004 vs. Toyota 08922-02011 vs. Mobil1

  1. brad says:

    Will the lexus v8 oil filter 90915-20004 fit on 1JZGTE ?
    Assistance would be appreciated.

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