Mobil 1 Oil Filter
(Old White Can, Used)

Click Here for the Mobil1 New Grey Oil Filter


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This is what Mobil1 Claims

it said to was originally made for synthetic motor oil,
 all I see is a traditional thin paper design (look at bottom photos)
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Its true that it have strong shell, but the toyota shell is just as strong.
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Mobil1 (Left) vs. Toyota Supra Oil Filter (Right)

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Mobil1 Relief Valve is at the Top (left)
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Toyota Relief Valve is at the bottom (left)
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Traditional thin paper design on Both :(
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More Mobil1 Photos
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Overall 'I' don't see a reason to spend $10 on the Mobil1 Filter,
 its basically the same as the Stock Toyota Supra filter,
I still recommend the Lexus V8 90915-20004 filter.