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Installation of the 6spd Differential, Drive Shaft & Left Axle

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Here are the Parts numbers you
will need to get

  • Toyota 42340-14140 6spd
    Left Axle,

    List $352.40, at %30 off $247.88

  • Toyota 37100-14810 6spd
    Drive Shaft,

    List $672.79, at %30 off $473.24

  • Toyota 41110-14780 6spd

    List $2308.42, at %30 off 1623.74


Here are diagrams and pictures of the parts you need to install, you will need
the differential, drive shaft and left axle.

– This is the 6spd differential,
when you order it from Toyota it will come assembled and ready to install, just
add oil (75w-90). if you buy it used then check its condition by removing the back
cover, or follow the manual instructions for testing.

– Here are some pictures comparing the 6spd rear with the auto
rear, notice the 6spd is longer front to back, also its left side is a littlie longer.

– This is the complete driveshaft, comes as two parts, front and
rear driveshaft, you will need both. if you buy it new, it will have to bought
together, Toyota does not sell them separately.

– Here is the Front driveshaft, the one on the left (short) is
for the Auto transmission, the one on the right (long) is for the 6spd
transmission, this is
due to the 6spd transmission being ~50mm shorter then the auto transmission.

– Here is the Rear driveshaft, the top one (longer) is for the
Auto tranny, the lower one (shorter) is for the 6spd tranny, this is due to the
6spd differential being longer then the auto differential (front to back).

– This is the Left axle, you will only need the left
6spd axle, due
to the 6spd differential being a littlie longer on the left side, the axle had to be
shortened littlie by Toyota, that’s why we only need the left axle in this
swap. Here is a table showing axle measurements from the 1995 Toyota repair
manual ,

LEFT AXLE 547.50

2) Here are
scans from the Toyota repair manual, scans for the replacing the differential,
drive shaft & axle.

– Differential,

– Drive Shaft

– Axle,

3) Here are
some pics of my own install,

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