How to Read the Supra VIN Number


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  • For models 1993-1995, "Turbo vs. Non-Turbo" is determined by the  SERIES or Field 7.

  • For models 1996-1998, "Turbo vs. Non-Turbo" is determined by the ENGINE or Field 5.

  • Only in models 1993-1995 can you determine "Targa vs. Hard Top" through BODY TYPE.

Where to find the vin number?

  • On insurance card/papers

  • On vehicle registration car/papers

  • On  sticker on the driver door side

  • On many body panel

This an example from the driver door side(93 NA supra)


-When identifying the correct part for your vehicle, it may be necessary to know the production date, model number, engine number, color, trim, axle or transmission code. The illustration above is an example of a Vehicle Identification Label which is affixed to all Toyota vehicle's at the time of production.

- On passenger cars, the I.D. label is located on the inside of the driver's door.

- Vehicle Identification Numbers (V.I.N.) contain 17 digits consisting of letters and numbers only. V.I.N. numbers beginning with the letter "JT" were produced in Japan, all others were produced in North America.

- Production date information will appear on the Identification plate in the following format: 08/88 for August of 1988

- Exterior color and interior trim code numbers will appear together in the lower left corner, such as 033/KA41, with the digits to the left of the slash indicating the exterior color code and the final four digits indicating the interior trim code. The third and fourth digits of the interior trim code indicates the interior color ( ie. KA41 = interior trim code # 41).

- Please remember that most manufacturers, including Toyota, release new models in August each year. Therefore a vehicle with a production date of 07/93 would be considered a 1993 model, whereas a vehicle with a production date of 08/93 would be considered a 1994 model.



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