Supra (JZA80)

Twin Plate Clutch



Model number


Product number

Car type




Supra (JZA80)

After May 1993

For 6M/T vehicles


Required parts for installation (separate purchase)


q       Fly wheel set bolts: 90910-02103 8 pieces


Enclosed parts



Parts name

Parts number




Clutch cover





Clutch disk A




Clutch disk A and B are the same


Clutch disk B


Center Plate



With 3 return springs


Fly wheel





Bolt A



M6 cap bolt


Bolt B



M8 bolt


Warning on instillation


q       Disassemble the clutch at an authorized factory

q       Use this product only on the designated models

q       As soon as receiving this product confirm that all the parts are included in good condition

q       Before starting installing this product, make sure that the car is parked in a flat place with side break.

q       Follow the repair instruction of your model provided by Toyota dealer.

q       Before installing, make sure that the parts are cold to avoid burns.

q       If you re-use the bolts already used in the car, make sure they are not rusty

q       Make sure the bolts are securely fastened.

q       Use the designated torque to securely fasten the bolts

q       Because the bolts tend to get loose immediately after the installment, make sure to securely fasten them before driving

q       After the installment make sure this product does not interfere with other parts. If so consult the sales agent

q       If oil or water did not leak during the installment.


Warning on using this product


q       Use this product only on the designated models

q       This product may be damaged or broken depending upon storage and driving conditions.

q       Sudden acceleration or sudden turns impose excessive burden on the product and may damage the product.

q       Strong collision or shock to the vehicle may deform or break the clutch. Immediately inspect the product.

q       If you feel abnormal vibration or noise while driving, park immediately and inspect the product to avoid serious accident.

q       Drive at a normal speed for about 500km immediately after installing this product.

q       The position of clutch pad may move and half-clutch operation may feel different, but it is normal. We recommend to adjust <stroke?> after test drive.

q       Depending on the usage and conditions, friction pad significantly wears out. Especially driving that requires frequent zero start such as drag race wears out the friction pad significantly. Inspect the clutch frequently.

q       Frequent use of half clutch increases the temperature of inside of the clutch and inflates or deforms the parts. If the clutch does not move smoothly, stop the car and wait until the clutch cools down.

q       You may hear wheel spinning noise, but it is normal.


Installment instruction


  1. Disassemble twin plate clutch

Loosen bolt A and B to disassemble twin plate clutch assay


  1. Install release bearing

Attach release bearing to the clutch cover. Inspect the release bearing and replace if it is a defect.


  1. Install fly wheel

1)    Attach fly wheel to the crank shaft. Screw 8 new set bolts in the order as indicated in the box. Further tighten them using the following torque

Torque: 49.0Nm (500kg cm)

2)    Mark top of the set bolts (see the box)

3)    Tighten the set bolts 90 degrees to the right

4)    Make sure all bolts have the painted marks on the right.


Warning: fly wheel set bolts cannot be re-used.


  1. Install the clutch

1)    Attach clutch cover, clutch disk A, B, and center plate to fly wheel, and loosely screw bolt A and B. Make sure to match the triangular locks on the clutch cover, center plate, and fly wheels.


Warning: If the triangular locks are not properly secured, the turning balance may be lost, causing abnormal noise and vibration.


2)    Insert the ??? bar* in the hole of fly wheel pilot and determine the position for clutch disk A and B. Dovetail clutch disk A and B.

* An improved SST (number 09301-JA000) will be released soon.


3)    Securely fasten bolt A

4)    Securely fasten bolt B


Warning: If the teeth and center of clutch disks A and B are not securely attached/aligned, installing T/M will be difficult and may break the disks.


Warning: Screw in each bolt half way then screw in all way. Then securely tighten them using the specified torque.

Torque: Bolt A- 11.8-13.7Nm (120-140kg-cm)

Bolt B 27.4-29.5Nm (280-300kg-cm)


Warning: If each bolt is screwed in all way in one time, the cover may be damaged.


5)    Pull out the bar.


  1. Confirm

After fastening the bolts, confirm that the height of diaphragm springs are even. If not, re-do the process 4.


  1. Install T/M

Apply designated pure grease on each moving part. Follow Toyota repair instruction for details.


  1. Adjust stroke

Because the position of clutch pad may move after installing this product, adjust the pad cloth to the original position.