Removing the TRAC Butterfly


Stock Throttle Body With Trac Butterfly
Trac_throttle_plate.jpg (52307 bytes)


Modified Throttle Body with No Trac Butterfly
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HKS makes a kit to Remove the Trac Butterfly (1312-RT001 /  MSRP $95)

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dsc00103.jpg (78803 bytes) dsc00104.jpg (93165 bytes)

dsc00606.jpg (133623 bytes)   dsc00607.jpg (135310 bytes)

dsc00608.jpg (118196 bytes)   dsc00609.jpg (120491 bytes)

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Here are the parts that need to be removed while using the HKS kit.

DSC02309.JPG (139064 bytes)


hks_trac.jpg (101446 bytes)   hks_trac2.jpg (60518 bytes)


Here is a cheaper way to block the holes after you remove the trac plate, use heavy duty epoxy to fill the holes.

This is Inside the Trac system (trac motor side), 
All removed and filled with heavy Duty Epoxy
tb3.jpg (26394 bytes)

dsc00166.jpg (195787 bytes)


This is another way to remove the traction butterfly, cut it off and weld it!
Clean looking huh?