Tint Removal
by Aaron Rountree


Tools: Ammonia or ammonia product (Windex), scrubbing pad, razor blade, black trash bag and paper towels.


Step 1: To remove old tint from side windows use your razor blade to peel up a corner and then pull the tint off. For the rear window with defroster spray the window with ammonia generously then stick the trash bag on it letting it sit in the sun to soften the adhesive. You may be able to pull the tint right off to begin with but be careful not to damage the defroster. DO NOT SCRAPE WITH A RAZOR BLADE.


Step 2: To remove the left over adhesive on the side windows scrape as much off as possible with the razor to minimize the mess later on. Spray ammonia on the windows generously to start softening up the adhesive.


Scrub the windows with a soft pad, keep the window wet with ammonia. As you remove from sections wipe off loose adhesive with paper towels.


The side windows should be much less messy than the rear window if you've scraped as much adhesive off beforehand.


Finished: Keep scrubbing and wiping excess off until you have a clean window.