INJ 00.00 ms Injector Duty Time  
Duty 0.0 % Injector Duty Percentage  
IGT 000 deg Ignition Timing Degree  
RPM 0000 rpm Engine Speed RPM  
SPD 000 kmh Speed Kmh  
SPD 000 mph Speed Mph  
WTMP 00 c Water Temp Celsius  
WTMP 00 f Water Temp Fahrenheit  
THP 0.0 deg Throttle Position Degree  
ISCS 000 STEP Idle Regulator Valve Steps  
ISCS 00.0 % Idle Regulator Valve Percentage  
PIMt 0.0 kpa Intake Manifold Pressure Turbo  
PIMn 0.0 kpa Intake Manifold Pressure Non-turbo  
AFMv 0.00 v Air Flow Meter Signal Voltage  
AFMg 0.00 g/s Hot Wire Output g/s  
  Karmen Output Time  
STA-up  on/off Cold Start On / Off  
WARM-up  on/off Warm up On / Off  
A/F-L  on/off A/F Adjustment Control On / Off  
A/F-R  on/off A/F Adjustment Control On / Off  
KNOCK  on/off Knock Sensor On / Off  
STA-sw  on/off Starter Switch Position On / Off  
IDL-sw  on/off Idle Switch Position On / Off  
A/C-sw  on/off Air Conditioning On / Off  
NTL-sw  on/off Neutral On > Off  
O2-R  lean/rich O2 Sensor LEAN / RICH  
O2-L  lean/rich O2 Sensor LEAN / RICH  
DIAG  NG/OK Diagnostic Condition OK / NG  

MAJOR PARAMETERS Simply access these major parameters with the simple 3-button control.

Easy connection - plugs into ROUND diagnostic port under dash drivers side
16-bit CPU for high-performance processing
Heat resistant ABS plastic case
Industrial grade LCD screen with back lighting
Special heat resistant cable
Electronic control of LCD brightness and contrast
Nonvolatile memory - no need for backup battery
3-button control for ease of use

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Normal Finish

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Carbon Fiber Finish

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1 Din Size

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