Targa Top Rattle Fix!

As long as I've had my 95 TT when it gets cold the targa top would start to rattle, and I would have to tighten it down. Occasionally aggressive driving or AutoXing would also cause a rattle. I always assumed this was due to the cold or the top getting loose. Well it seems its not so....While driving to/around Houston last week, I hit a *BIG* pothole right in the middle of I10! It jarred me and the whole car, fortunately the wheels didn't get tweaked. Unfortunately within a few miles the targa started chattering worse than a set of GM F-Body Tops! I had to drive the 190+ Miles home with every bump in the road causing my top to scream. I tried torquing the top in, but that didn't help. Actually, if I felt the top as I hit a bump, I could feel it moving!

Anyway.....When I got home, I whipped out the shop manual and took the top apart. As I had guess, the bolts holding the rear "connection bolts" to the top were loser than finger tight. I tightened them *real* good and put it all back together (15 minutes). Since then I haven't heard I peep out of the top!!! I haven't been to an AutoX since doing this, but I did drive the car up to Dallas in cold weather, and again not a sound.

So...If you have a noisy Targa, try tightening those bolts. The only tricky part was removing the weather stripping and Rain Sill without damaging them or the sticky gunk that holds them on.


Thanks for the Tip Eric!


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