How to Dyno a Supra TT

Before dynoing, it is advisable to let the car rest for at least 1 hour with ice on the engine and the intercooler piping. Also reset the ecu, pull the trac fuse, and use 100 octane fuel if possible, try to dyno on a cool day. The rpm sensor for the dyno will need to connect to a timing wire. if you do not connect this sensor, you will not be able to get a torque reading. the closest wire is located on the driver's side of the engine compartment in a small, black box, click here for a diagram. once the car is strapped in, spray the intercooler with ice water/alcohol mixture throughout the entire run if possible. Leave the ice on the engine and intercooler piping as well. if the shop has a fan, direct it towards the intercooler. the reason we take these additional cooling steps is to approximate "real world" conditions. the temperature of the intercooler has great bearing on the horsepower the supra will produce. by taking these extra steps we are simulating the cooling effects of high velocity, cool air, flowing across the intercooler that would be present in normal driving conditions. once the car is situated on the rollers properly, slowly run the engine through the first 3 gears with out bringing the 2nd turbo online. in 4th gear bring the car slowly to 2000 rpms and then hammer it to redline! in an automatic you want to disable o/d, bring the car to 4000rpms in 3rd gear SLOWLY, and floor it to redline.


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