Custom Built Front Grill

For the grill I made for my car, I used Ceramic Tile underlayment mesh. This silver mesh is a treated aluminized steel that will not rust.  You can buy it at Home Depot and such.  Tile layers staple it to the floor and then lay tile adhesive on top of it to give it a surface to bite into. 

I made a cardboard pattern that fit the inside middle scoop first.  Then I traced it onto the mesh allowing for a 3/4 inch lip on the top and bottom. This (tab) lip you will need to bend at 90deg.  This is where the mesh will attach to the car.  I removed the black metal strip inside the scoop bottom edge and placed the mesh tab edge underneath it and then reinstalled it. For the top attachment, use the 4-5 black plastic fastener tabs that hold the front nose section of the nosecone to the bumper inside.  These are located inside the top edge of the middle scoop.  Using  this method, you won't need to drill any holes in the car and it provides a very secure mount. 

A note on the tab bending...bend the bottom tab forward, bend the top tab towards the back of the car.  Once you look at it, this will align the grill up square inside the scoop and will hide all the rough edges from sight.

Wear gloves when cutting the mesh with tin snips...its VERY sharp.  Be careful when fitting the mesh into the scoop to not scratch your paint...easy to do.  I lined the inside of the front scoop with a light coat of duct tape to prevent scratching of the paint as I fit the mesh into the scoop...worked great and peeled it right off after the mesh was in. Remove the black plastic cover section underneath the front of the car to give you access to securing and aligning the mesh from behind.  You could paint the mesh any color you want before you install it. 

I looked at installing the mesh into the two side scoops but it looks like I would have to rivet it in place.  I didn't want to do this, but it could be easily done.

Happy grilling!