European Hood Scoop Install
By Ron Lambertson & Piotr Kapiszewski


Parts List:

76181-14900 Bulge, Hood
76182-14010 Guide, Hood Air Intake
76183-14010 Protector Hood Bulge, No. 1
76184-14010 Protector Hood Bulge, No. 2
76187-14010 Retainer, Hood Air Intake Guide, No. 1 (2)
76192-14010 Plate, Hood Bulge
93567-14512 Screws (8)
90179-06058 Nuts (4)
76186-14010 Seal, Hood Air Intake



Step by Step:

Here is what you are going to start with:


Start at the front of the hood and first take that part out.


Remove the factory hood heat shield by popping out the plastic fasteners.
  A panel removing tool is helpful.  Be careful not to damage the heat shield.
  It’s made of a paper/fiberglass material that tears easily.
  Notice the back two fasteners don’t pop out.
  The just pull up, forward and out of the holes in the hood.
  All others pop out completely.


Once you remove the heat shield your hood will look something like this.


Using a drill bit of the appropriate size, now drill from the underside
 of the hood through the four holes in the factory support
 used to secure the studs to the hood.  Drill very carefully.
  The hood is thin aluminum and the drill bit can bend the metal as it goes through.


It may not be easy to see but this shot show you
 what the hood will look like from the top right after the holes are drilled.


Now we are ready to make a template which will be
 used to mark the are we need to cut out of the hood.

Click on this picture to get a pre-made template,
 printing info labeled in this picture...


Temporarily assemble the two underside fasteners and plate with the studs to the underside of the scope with the phillips screws. A little soap on the screws will make them go into the unthreaded fiberglass easier if they are really tight.  (Make sure you get the screws in perfectly as there are no second takes here if you make a mistake). I had my scoop painted prior to starting this project.  In order to protect it from getting scratched I used an old motherboard box with padding on the bottom.


Now lay the cardboard template on top of the hood matching
 up the four holes to the four holes you have drilled.
Mark the outline of the template on top of the hood with a thin marker or pencil.
I used some spare zip ties and a screwdriver to align the form with the drilled holes.
Once the outline is done you should end up with a nicely scratched hood like in this picture.


Time to do some cutting. Mask off the are around the area you have marked.
  This will help prevent any scratching of the hood paint while working.
 I also kept washing the hood with water to prevent scratching.


Once done cutting here is what you should see.
 Using the sand paper, sand the edges of the hole so they are smooth.
  The hood is aluminum so it won’t rust.  I didn’t bother painting the edges
 of the cut out. Clean the hood by spraying with a water hose.
  Don’t do any wiping or the metal particles from
 cutting with scratch the paint.  Remove the tape.


While the hood is drying lets cut a hole in the heat shield.
Here are some pics of the stock heatshield.


Now we put the whole thing back together. Install the metal mesh into the scoop.  Install the underside studs and the plate with the studs to the underside of the scoop if they aren’t already on. Then fit it on the hood.


At this point I just put the nuts on to hold the
 scoop in place while I reinstalled  the heat shiled.


Almost there. When installing the heat shield don't reinstall the center plastic fastners as they will need to also hold the metal air guide.

Before installing the hood scoop permanently decide if you want to use the factory gasket or not on it.  I used the factory gasket. Ron didn't. Instead of using the factory gasket and foam strips for the underside of the scoop, I cut some thin strips of duct tape to serve as a gasket.  I don’t think the factory gasket will look good once installed.  It doesn’t wrap completely around the edge of the scoop and it curves up and out so it will be seen when finished. Just make some thin strips of tape and keep them slightly in from the edge.  When mounted, the scoop will lay very flush but the tape provides a little cushion and seal that can’t be seen.  I think the choice here depends on the color of your car.


Insert the two factory fasteners in the middle of the air guide.  Holes are already there.  Using a drill bit, punch small holes through the four holes at the corners of the metal air guide through the heat shield.  Insert the plastic fasteners into all six holes of the metal air guide.  I had to slightly cut the new fasteners shorter because there is little clearance between the frame of the hood and the top of the hood.


One of the additional difficulties I had to work around was
 a front strut bar which required some cutting of the metal air guide.
 You should be able to see where the cuts needed to be made
 to clear the strut bar. I used metal cutters to do the job.
 Since the metal air guide material is soft its easy to cut.


Here is Kapi's car

Here is Ron's car:
Image22.jpg (17918 bytes)


Notes:  I sanded and painted the metal air guide before installing.