Front Brake Cooling Ducts

Purpose: To help cool the brakes under road-racing conditions.
Parts Required: Two plastic rain gutter funnels, six feet of 2 1/2" diameter shop vac or high temperature hose, duct tape, about 15 (14" long) tie-wraps.  Everything is available at hardware stores.
Time Required: 1-2 hours
Note:  below pictures are of the left side of the car. Jack the front wheel at least 3" in the air for easier access.

1. Cut the hose in half; we'll use one section of hose per side. On one end of each hose, split the hose in 4 places, about 3" from the end (fig. 1).

cuthose.JPG (17020 bytes)

fig. 1

2. Wrap this around the funnel's smaller end and duct tape the ever-living crap out of it (fig. 2). Hey, it's not a real project unless duct tape is involved!

duct7.JPG (17091 bytes)
fig. 2

3. Screw the funnel to the undercarriage of the car using the existing screws as shown in fig. 3 & 4. Note: on my funnel, there were two tabs with holes sticking out the "front". As shown in fig. 4, I put a screw thru the inside-most tab. I cut a 1" slit as shown in fig. 4 on the opposite side of the funnel and put a screw thru the slit (took a little practice to line up with the hole in the car).

duct2.JPG (16678 bytes)

fig. 3

duct3.JPG (14991 bytes)

fig. 4

4. Tie wrap the back end of the funnel (where the hose is attached) snug up against the underside of the car by routing the tie wrap thru the slots in the wheel well behind the intercooler opening (fig. 5). I had to attach 2 tie wraps together for the proper length.

 duct4.JPG (16439 bytes)
fig. 5

5. Cut the hose to a length such that when aimed at the brake rotor, it is about 2-3" away from the rotor (fig. 6). Don't place the hose too close to the rotor, as the rotor gets very hot. Tie wrap the hose using several tie wraps at strategic locations such as the lower control arm and the plastic under-body of the car (you can see the hole I punched thru the plastic in fig. 6).

 duct5.JPG (17579 bytes)
fig. 6

Figures 7 & 8 show the final product.

duct6.JPG (16624 bytes)
fig. 7
 duct1.JPG (14280 bytes)
fig. 8

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