Custom Fitted Apexi Air Filter

-- Install --


Check these Test Results to find out why this cone filter is the "Best" for your Supra!

The New Cone %10 better flow

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Filter with gasket, 3" toilet flange, and 3" rubber pipe flared at both ends.
 I cut off one of the ends of the flared pipes to fit onto the flange. 
Estimated cost of accessories was approx $17  at local plumbing store.


Dremmeled flange to fit on the filter, 
attached flange with gasket onto filter with 4 bolts supplied.


Attached cut end of 3" hose to flange and filter with clamp that was provided on the rubber hose.


Finished product


Another angle of the finished product. This mod took approx 45 minutes and was rather easy to accomplish. Filter works great.



The Old Cone (almost the same as the new design)


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