Twin Stock BOV Mod

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Purpose: To duplicate the stock system BOV method with twice the flow, by adding two stock BOV's instead of one, we know the stock BOV's work best on these cars but don't provide adequate flow on high boost like on BPU, this kit should supply more then enough releasing flow for BPU, Plus its adjustment free, car wont stall, and cost less then brand name products with better performance.
Parts Required: 2 new or used stock BOV's, 1 Twin Stock BOV's Kit(TSB).
Time Required: Approximately 30 minutes.
Note:  Before you install the 'used' BOV's, Test them!

*Do this at your own risk. we don't guarantee anything.
 Make sure you know exactly what you are doing*


This what you get in the kit:
 2 copper adaptors(heart of the kit), 1/4 hose, 3/4 hose,
 6 1/4 clamps,12 3/4 clamps, 1 T, 4 2X3/4 hoses.
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Here is a close up photo of the two copper BOV adaptors,
 they will help join both bov's
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Slip on the 4 pre-cut rubber hoses to each side of the bov's,
 make sure they are oil free.
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Slip on the 8 3/4 clamps, get the clamps face evenly,
dont tighten them up yet
tsb01007.jpg (20608 bytes)


Slip on the two copper adaptors, notice how the adaptors are installed, the adaptor with the Angle(left) get installed closer to the BOV vacuum nipple, the Flat adaptor(right) goes on the opposite side of the vacuum nipple of the BOV. Tighten All 8 clamps.  
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Next, get the 1/4 hose, you will need to cut it in 3 parts,
 'approximately' 4, 6 & 24 inches, next join the hoses to the T 
that is supplied in the kit,  join the hoses as in bottom photo,
 make sure to put the 1/4 clamps on each end on the hoses, 6 clamps total. 
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Next, get the 3/4 hose and cut it 'approximately' 15 inches,
 slip two 3/4 clamps on the hose and install it to the right side of the kit(flat pipe),
 see photo at the bottom.
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Same idea here, get the 3/4 hose and cut it 'approximately' 35 inches,
 slip two 3/4 clamps on the hose and install it to the left side of the kit(angled pipe),
 see photo at the bottom.
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The kit is ready to install :)
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Close up
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This is the area where I installed the kit,
 it will be sandwiched between the 2nd turbo and the ABS unit.
tsb01016.jpg (48640 bytes)  tsb01017.jpg (42527 bytes)


Insert the kit between the 2nd turbo and the ABS unit,
 make sure the BOV vacuum hoses(1/4) are facing the back(firewall)
l@@k at the following photos.
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tsb01022.jpg (43052 bytes)

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While your inserting the kit in place, route the front short 3/4 hose under the large intake hose, then route it to the boost side of the turbo pipes, and clamp it.
tsb01024.jpg (34521 bytes)tsb01035.jpg (32870 bytes)

Boost side of the turbo pipes
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You will have two hoses left(the rear hoses),
route the 3/4 hose to the intake side of the turbo pipes(look at pic) and clamp it,
route the 1/4 hose to the vacuum source of the stock BOV and clamp it. 
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And your Done :)
zip tie the unit in place if needed...
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