TRD Rear Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit Install

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!!! Disclaimer: This is a life or death car modification. If you install the brake lines improperly, you may end up LOSING your stopping power (AND YOUR LIFE!) in the event of an emergency stop. I do not take any responsibility for what *YOU* do to *YOUR* car. If you feel you may compromise your vehicle's saftey by attempting to install the brake lines, please visit a Professional Brake Shop and pay them to do it properly. This install, for those who're up to it can save you around $200.00 just in labor for the installation and bleeding of the brake lines. Have a good day, :).


Time: 1.5 hours, from gathering the tools to washing up with everything put away.

Tools needed:  Pliers, 14mm Socket, 10mm wrench, 14mm wrench, 17mm wrench, TRD Stainless Steel Brake Line(s) + Union bolt(s) and gaskets, flat tip screwdriver, and rubber hose with hose clamp.

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TRD Stainless Steel Brake Lines


You don't want your car rolling away. :)




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