Rps Turbo Kit

Made by:  RPS

Pics of the RPS T-64 kit.  These pics were taken prior to
Swain Tech coating of the exhaust components.   In both pics you can see
some of the O2 and EGT sensor probe mounts that I installed (which do not
come with the RPS kit). 

SBH car and RPS kit alongside.jpg (85910 bytes)


The above is a pic of the basic RPS kit, plus the Cold Air Intake and K&N
filter from Sound Performance.
SBH Uncoated Turbo mockup_2.jpg (95242 bytes)


Full Length DP for use with the RPS single turbo
kit.  It's made of 400-series stainless. 
SBH Polished RPS FLDP_1.jpg (62133 bytes)


p2010107.jpg (213331 bytes)

More Photos

supra_su.gif (5342 bytes)