Oil Pressure Sensor Mod for 93-97 Only

Factory Oil pressure sensor and warning method is not exactly the greatest for those of us with modified engines.  I've been looking for a way to keep the redundancy of having the factory sensor in place with it's warning but also wanted to run a oil pressure gauge.   Here is what I found to be the best way of doing it.

If you ever tried to access the factory oil pressure sensor, you'll know how difficult it is to get to it.  Instead of removing it just use the Union bolt from the new 2001 Lexus IS300 (picture below) OR from a 1998tt Supra.  This will allow you to add a second oil pressure sensor for your pressure gauge easily.  

The Lexus IS300 & 1998 Supra run the factory pressure sensor on the base of the union bolt which is much easier to access than the Supra pressure sensor which it screwed into the block behind the AC compressor. 

Simply remove the stock union bolt and replace it with the Lexus unit.  Once tighten to recommended torque (65 pounds), screw in the aftermarket oil pressure sensor to the base of the union bolt.  Make sure to use some Teflon tape on the new pressure sensor to keep it from developing any leaks. The whole job will take less than 1/2 hour and now you have two devices that will warn you of impending disaster should the oil pressure drop to dangerous levels.

The part number you need are,

Supra 1998 / 2001 Lexus IS300 Setup


Supra 93-97 Setup


After the mod is done it should look like this,

mvc-022f.jpg (68848 bytes) oem_pressure_sensor_98.jpg (196603 bytes)

union_bolt_1.JPG (45748 bytes) union_bolt_2.JPG (45381 bytes)

union_bolt_3.JPG (37129 bytes) union_bolt_4.JPG (41065 bytes)

union_bolt_gasket_2.JPG (40996 bytes) union_bolt_gasket_1.JPG (26871 bytes)

union_bolt_gasket_3.JPG (59860 bytes)


supra_su.gif (5342 bytes)