Greddy FMIC
( by Andi B, )

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Do you need a front mount intercooler at BPU power levels? This topic is a source of a great deal of controversy -- and it is my opinion that a FMIC does help you at BPU power levels. On my BPU '98 TT, I gained an astounding 50rwhp on the dyno with the FMIC upgrade. My case may be atypical -- perhaps I had a boost leak before? I'm not sure. But my dyno numbers went from 375 to 425, and my trap speeds went from 112 to 117.5. You can click here to see my FMIC before & after dyno chart. That's not the best part, though. If you live in an area where it gets very hot in the summer (like here in Dallas), the FMIC will help you even more. If a big front mount intercooler is required for a single turbo upgrade, doesn't it make sense that BPU people can benefit even more than the single turbos, since our stock turbos are creating a lot more heat at the same boost levels than big singles?

It is also worth considering that all the very high trap speed BPU++ cars out there have FMIC's. People like Gino in Texas who was running 123mph traps before he went single, and Angel in Florida who is also running similar trap speeds. This is on stock twin turbos and no nitrous!

Installation Pictures

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