Fuel Dampener Bypass Mod


Purpose: this kit purpose is to increase fuel delivery to the stock rail and injectors BY removing a major restriction in the fuel line, 3 banjo bolts and the Fuel Pulsation Dampener.


Here is the stock line we are replacing
DSC00095.JPG (91098 bytes)  DSC00097.JPG (85795 bytes)
DSC00096.JPG (63277 bytes)  DSC00098.JPG (54041 bytes)


Here is the BD Fuel Bypass Line
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Here is how it look installed to the stock fuel rail and stock fuel filter
DSC00085.JPG (29288 bytes)

Comparing both lines
DSC00100.JPG (83584 bytes)   DSC00101.JPG (84974 bytes)


The 90 degree fitting goes to the stock rail side
dsc00104.jpg (82449 bytes) dsc00103.jpg (133512 bytes)


The 45 degree side goes to the stock filter side, make sure to have fresh filter, and also use one of the filter gasket along with the gasket that comes with the hose kit, that will give you a clean, leak free install
dsc00109.jpg (166884 bytes) dsc00110.jpg (127210 bytes)

dsc00113.jpg (139113 bytes) dsc00111.jpg (126675 bytes)



Photos on the Fitting Used to Add a Fuel Pressure Gauge

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dsc00347.jpg (107792 bytes)

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