Advanced Tuning Section:

Do this ONLY if you know exactly what you are doing..and that you are familiar with your AVC-R

NE Points:

Definition/Usage: NE Points (a.k.a. RPM points) are used by the AVC-R to control boost at specific RPM's.

Recommended NE Points: (Assuming you're on stock twins using Sequential setup)

(4000 is not needed...for it is the transition period for 1st->2nd turbo where the boost drops)

*Feedback Speed Setting:

Definition/Usage: The numbers used in F/B Speed pretty much acts like a "delay time" in which boost is controlled. So the higher the speed is set to, the longer it would take for the AVC-R Solenoid to act and control boost. As with the lower the speed, the faster the Solenoid would act to regulate sudden boost overshoots. If your unit's having a hard time surpressing overshoots, try lowering the speed setting in increments of 1.

For BPU-level Supras I'd recommend setting it at:
3 2 2 2 2
If overshooting still occurs, then try:
2 1 1 1 1

Once lowered, the AVC-R solenoid will respond more quickly to avoid boost overshoots.

*Start Duty:

Definition/Usage: The Start Duty is pretty much increasing/decreasing your set Duty Cycle (in 1% increments) for any particular gear. Let's say your Boost is 1.2kg/cm², and Duty Cycle is at 70%. Boost seems to hold without a problem in 1st gear... 2nd gear... but when you shift into 3rd gear...your boost shot up to 1.27kg/ would then go into the St Duty menu ..and under 3rd gear...lower the Duty for 3rd Gear... (ie -4%)

Now this is what your AVC-R's Duty Cycle would look like when your at 70% Duty:

Keep lowering the St. Duty in 1% increments for that gear until you get it right.

If you hit target boost correctly on each gear, then the St. Duty for that gear should be kept at +/- 0.


In order for the F/B Speed and St. Duty to work, you must have your Gears properly learned, using the Gear Judge Feature.

How to Use Gear Judge? Read on!

Gear Judge:

Definition/Usage: The AVC-R pretty much learns your gears by taking the RPM in the gear you're at...and dividing it by the speed your car's currently at, (in km/hr) and thus makes a ratio # that will be applied in "judging" exactly what gear you're at.

Formula: RPM/Speed

Under "Etc/Gear Judge", Press NEXT >

You will see Gear Judge menu, Gears 1-5 displayed.

On the right should see the Ratio # (255 when car is at a stop)

Now drive your car into 1st gear at a moderate speed...around 30mph will do. (The ratio is kept at a it doesn't matter how fast you long as you're in the proper gear) Now highlight the ratio # box in 1st Gear...and press NEXT>

Your car has now learned your 1st gear (Around 90 for AUTO's) shift to 2nd..and do the same for the rest. This will now enable features such as St. Duty, F/B Speed, etc. :)

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