Introduction: Road Racing Supra’s

Hi, I am Dave Hanna and the proud owner of both a Mk3 (1992) and Mk4 (1997) Supra. Unlike the majority of Supra owners I find the best way to enjoy the cars is not the quarter mile but rather on race tracks and auto-x venues which involve braking, turning AND acceleration.   I purchased […]


Purpose – This mod will adjust your European Headlights Beam Height on the Vertical Position. Pros – All 6 lights adjust up or down according to driver preference, used in Europe extensively when increased weight is carried in the trunk of the vehicle. In this case driver has the ability to adjust his beams accordingly, […]

Serpentine Belt Drive Tension Damper System (Optional)

Serpentine Belt Drive Tension Damper System (Optional) – The 6-spd Supra TT use a tension damper on the drive belt system, with each hard shift, the drive belt tensioner spring vibrate, it get to the point were it will be bouncing back and forth from the spring reaction under heavy load shifting, this tends to […]

Installation of the 6spd Differential, Drive Shaft & Left Axle

Here are the Parts numbers you will need to get Toyota 42340-14140 6spd Left Axle, List $352.40, at %30 off $247.88 Toyota 37100-14810 6spd Drive Shaft, List $672.79, at %30 off $473.24 Toyota 41110-14780 6spd Differential, List $2308.42, at %30 off 1623.74   1) Here are diagrams and pictures of the parts you need to […]

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