Installing the 6spd Transmission

– At this point you will need to get all
the parts ready for your 6spd transmission, viagra 60mg

Flywheel and flywheel screw

Clutch Disk system and related parts, viagra 40mg

Clutch Slave, link

Shifter and related parts,

– You will also need the 6spd transmission

will also need the
6spd cross member wont fit the auto car body, in following picture, the top
cross member is for the auto, the bottom for the 6spd which we wont use,

– Now you need to modify the auto ecu
harness, basically you will ignore most of  the harness that were used on
the automatic tranny (cut them off if you like), you will only use two harness,
the Speedo 3 wire black harness from the automatic transmission will fit the
6spd transmission without a problem.

 – Now, the only wire we need to hook
up is the reverse light, look for the big auto gray harness as shown in this

– Look for the
wires, if you basically join these two wires, the back up light will turn on (if
the car keys are in, and the tranny in reverse), you can test it that way.

– You will need to make or buy a 2 wire
harness and splice it into the auto harness, and the 6spd transmission, order
wont matter, hook them in any way you like, look at these pictures,

– Next, its time to run the clutch
hydraulic lines, you can use the Toyota hardware as shown in the picture below,
or try my
cost effective option

(Optional) Toyota Hydraulic lines,

– Get your 6spd transmission ready by
bolting all the neccessary parts on it,

– By now you have the 6spd sub-tunnel
ready, the wiring ready, transmission parts bolted on it, clutch hydraulic lines
ready, the rest is like installing any supra 6spd transmission, you can follow
the factory manual on the installation on the transmission by clicking on this

Or try
This Tech Page
on how to install a clutch.


– Here are some basic pictures of my
tranny install,