FOR SALE? Where are all the good Supras?

Has anyone else noticed a trend lately?
Over the past year or two I’ve failed to see many highly desirable Supras for sale on the market.
Desirable to you may be one set of criteria, but for me, it’s low miles, clean, accident free and tastefully modded (if any mods at all).

I check eBay, classifieds sites and forums nearly every day.  I’m in the market to buy one more low mile Supra – to put next to the one seen here
In the past year, I’ve seen maybe a handful (less than 10) that fit this criteria.  Low miles (under 40,000), extremely clean, well maintained, minor (or tasteful) modifications.

What do you think is the cause for this?

Am I not looking in the right places?
Are people with these cars keeping them hoping they will appreciate in value?
Are people keeping these cars and enjoying them and aren’t eager to sell?
Are these owners modding their cars?
Are there just not that many left out there that fit what I am looking for?

A few years ago, it seemed that you could find any Supra you wanted, with a minor search and a few weeks of patience.
Has the supply of clean low mile Supras dried up?  Or are the owners just not eager to sell?

I’d like your input.


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