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A clicking type noise may be noticed when first applying the brakes after
changing vehicle travel direction (Drive/Forward to Reverse, story Reverse to
Drive/Forward). This is a normal noise caused by the required brake
pad-to-caliper clearances. When the direction of travel is changed, the brake
pads may “shift” towards the new direction of travel. When the brake pad
contacts the caliper, a clicking noise may be heard.

To minimize this clicking noise, a disc brake caliper
grease has been made available for use during brake service/maintenance
operations. Under normal usage conditions this grease should be effective for a
period of 6 months to 1 year.


you will need a new shim kit for the front
and rear brakes, each shim kit will include the

brake caliper grease…

Front: #04945-14110

Rear: #04946-14030



Clean the calipers from dirt with a brake
cleaner, you want the pads rail inside calipers as smooth as possible, then
apply a small amount of the disc brake caliper grease (1-2 mm thick) to the
areas indicated in the illustration.

NOTE: Clean any dust from the brake
NOTE :Do NOT apply grease to the friction surfaces of the brake pads or
the disc rotor.
NOTE :Clean excess grease from the brake pads and caliper.




Full brake install info at,



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