Mohd mods v1_power_outlet


Power Outlet
dsc00050.jpg (85976 bytes)
DSC00054.JPG (139032 bytes) DSC00046.JPG (158370 bytes)
DSC00052.JPG (143627 bytes) DSC00053.JPG (115035 bytes)

DSC00039.JPG (123873 bytes) DSC00040.JPG (122323 bytes)
Epoxy Glue to fit the power outlet

DSC00031.JPG (234856 bytes)

This is the spot where
the power outlet will be located, store notice that this is the only spot in
the area that have enough space to install the power outlet. when
drilling the dash, find make sure its directly over this area.


supra_su.gif (5342 bytes)


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