Mohd A

1994 6-spd BPU+
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Swapped from Auto To 6-spd Tranny
Mohd Downpipe (1) (2) (3) (4)
Greddy E-01 Boost Controller
Greddy E-manage

Greddy BCC , sickness Did you ask why?
FATT DC II Turbo Timer (1)
HKS Exhaust Cam Gear @ -3 R
K&N Drop-in Air Filter– (1) (2)(3)
Mohd Twin EGRPlates
Walbro GSS-341 Fuel Pump
 Fuel Dampener Bypass line
HKS SSQV BOV Welded on FMIC Pipe
HKS Type-S FMIC (1)
NGK6097 BKR7E (1)

10W-30Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
Toyota/LexusOil Filter 90915-20004 (1) (2)
Stock Injectors Balance Report
Jaz Catch Can (1) (2)
Super Drain Plug

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FJO Wideband Air/Fuel Reader (1) (2)
Techtom ECU Reader
Greddy 60mm Coolant Temp Gauge(Peak & Warning)
Greddy 60mm Oil Temp Gauge (Peak & Warning)
Greddy 60mm Manifold Temp Gauge (Peak & Warning)
Greddy 60mm EGT Gauge (Peak& Warning)
Greddy52mm Oil Pressure Gauge
Greddy 52mm Fuel Pressure Gauge
Boost Gauge built into the Greddy E-01
Speed Gauge built into theGreddy E-01
RPM Gauge built into theGreddy E-01

Injector Duty built into the E-manage
Throttle Gauge built into the E-manage & Greddy E-01
Air Flow Gauge built into theGreddy E-01
Voltage Reading built into theBlitz FATT DC II Turbo Timer

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PWR Performance Radiator (1) (2) (NEW ADDITION)
Mohd FMIC TOP Panel

Greddy 1.30 Kg/cm2 Radiator Cap

TRD 71C Thermostat (NEW ADDITION)
Euro Hood Scoop (1) (2) (3) (4) (NEW ADDITION)
No Hood Weather Strip (1)(2)
98 Upper Coolant Hose
97-98 Radiator Shroud & Twin Fans (1)
%30 Toyota Coolant & %70 Distilled Water

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Non EngineMods:

Euro Headlights with Height Adjust Controller
HELLA 80/100 watt Drive & High Beam Bulbs (9006 & 9005)
Bridgestone Potenza 730 Front (255/40/17) Rear (285/40/17) on Stock Chrome Wheels
1997-1998 Springs and Shocks
14 NAPA Intercooler T-Clamps (1)
Removed All Electronic Traction Systems
HPC Coated Valve Covers (1) (2) (3)
Polished Throttle Body& Intake Manifold
97-98 Turn Lights
1998 Supra Stereo

Valentine1 Rader Detector, Gen. 3
Valentine1Power Outlet
Trimmed ECU Cover (1)(2)
TRD SS Brake Lines

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DSC00049.JPG (142161 bytes)
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