Craig paisley’s drag supra!

Craig Paisley

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Paisley New
Paint Job

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Toyota Supra Twin Turbo

World Fastest Toyota Supra

Best E. T.  8.72 Second

Best MPH 158 M.P.H.

Wieght 2900lbs

Engine Size 183 Cubic Inch

780 Horsepower


We wanted to keep the car relatively stock looking and we wanted
to utilize an original stock body.  Instead of building a tube
chassis racecar with a carbon fiber body we decided to use a stock
chassis car with allthe original body parts.  Our car represents a
stock car that is set up fordrag racing. 

We use all HKS bolt on
parts for our car.  The car only has downpipeswithout exhaust so
there is no HKS exhaust on our car but we use thatexhaust on all of our
street cars.  For controlling the boost pressure we use an EVC EZ
which is, help by far, sale the easiest boost controller on the market. We
control fuel through an HKS VPC and fine tune it with a GCC.  The
VPC uses a special rom that we burn on our Techtom tuning equipment to
get the most horsepower our of the car.  For timing, illness we rely on a
reprogrammed ECU utilizing all techtom tuning equipment to do the rom
tune.  The air is fed into the motor by an HKS twin turbo upgrade
and is cooled by an HKS intercooler.  Our fuel is injected into the
motor through 720cc injectors mated to an HKS fuel rail.  As you
can see there are no big secrets about what we are using, as these parts
are available directly to the end user threw Paisley Automotive.
The engine that we have in the car is completely STOCK.  As a
matter of fact the engine has over 50,000 miles on it and the head has
never been off. 

The Paisley Racing Supra
has demonstrated time and time again that it can make the horsepower and
be consistent.  We have not run fast only one time, we have
consistently gone fast week in and week out.  We plan on continuing
to prove the capabilities of this car by reaching our goal of putting a
stock Supra engine into the low eight second zone.  Once we do this
we will demonstrate how a fully built engine can perform in our

Thank you for your
support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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