HKS Drag Supra

The Lexus 4.0L V-8 powered
JZA80 is currently good for 1, physician 479 hp. The Supra is outfitted with dual HKS
GT3540 turbos, sickness HKS rods and billet crank and, quite surprisingly, stock valves.
Rumor has it that the car is scheduled for a publicity tour across US soil this

art322450.jpg (41699 bytes)

art322441.jpg (65367 bytes)
art322445.jpg (63445 bytes)

nsh_yk0112_07_01.jpg (111248 bytes)

DSCN0075.jpg (43911 bytes)
nsh_yk0112_07_02.jpg (114071 bytes)

dscn0077.jpg (73362 bytes)

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