Memories and thoughts about Supra ownership, and why the Supra is still an amazing car today

If you’re reading this, it probably goes without saying that the MKIV Supra represents the pinnacle of Japanese engineering from the 1990’s.  Even in 1993 when the MKIV Supra debuted, the automotive mainstream seemed to realize that something special had just been presented to them.  Although the car didn’t win over everyone with it’s overall styling, many of us were smitten right away, particularly with its awe-inspiring rear end.  I remember working as a valet in college that year and having the chance to drive one for the first time, it was magical, emotional, and something I’ll never forget.  The only thing that topped that was the feeling of buying my first in 1999, a 1994 black/tan 6 speed targa with 82k original miles on it.  I was so proud and so happy to own that car, and it brought a smile to my face every time I drove it.

Many of us went on to buy these great cars, sometimes more than once.  I’m a 5 time repeat offender myself!  The camaraderie of the online community, the abundance of incredible parts to modify and enhance the cars, the amazing national meets, and the virtually indestructible hardware (engine, transmission) that the Supra came with all inspired us to continue building them up, selling them, buying more of them, and trying new things.  Looking back on my personal time with Supras that spanned from 1999-2008 I’d say my only single regret was to not stay committed to a single example, instead choosing to buy cars in different colors or having different modifications, changing a few things around, and then starting over to try again.  My final Supra was actually the lowest mileage and cleanest example I’d ever owned, but I tired of spending so much money on modifications as a project that seemed like it would never be complete.

Looking back on that, the problem was always with me, never with the car (except for a particular 1995 hardtop, but that is a story for another time).  I wasn’t patient enough, cut too many corners on modifications (ie:  didn’t get what I really wanted), and not thorough enough to make the project a success.  Given the opportunities to see some very fine built Supras over the years I can now see with 20:20 hindsight that I lacked the overall vision to obtain the results I really wanted.  If you still own one of these great cars, take this advice to heart.  It’s not too late to build something that is exactly what you want to have.  Don’t settle for shortcuts, don’t buy cheap imitation parts, don’t assume that cutting up the car is a good idea since it sounds fine to you right now.  Owning these cars can be like having a relationship with a loving woman, but it takes time and patience to get to the end result that you’re looking for.

Now that I’ve been able to reflect back on Supra ownership more and more, I can see that it really was a special milestone of a vehicle.  There are newer and faster platforms available now (Gallardo TT, GTR, ZR1, etc.), but I cannot think of another that gives you such a relatively easy (and arguably affordable) ability to make big and reliable horsepower, run single digit quarter mile times, run crazy high speeds if that is your thing, road race, or just cruise down by the beach in style.  The Supra is truly a super-car for every person, not just the rich and famous.  The cars continue to get rarer and more cialis online desirable, particularly in stock form so that a new vision can be attained by a modification driven owner.  More owners are buying multiple examples to own simultaneously now, and far too many cars have been lost to people with even less patience and foresight than myself.  I’m very proud to say that all of my personal Supras were sold intact to happy new owners!

That’s a shame of course.  As the age of the electric driver-less car draws ever nearer, it’s time to really reflect back on the cars that made an impression on our lives.  The MKIV Supra is absolutely one of those cars, has attained cult-like status, has earned the respect of the general enthusiast, and is coveted by those of us who know and love them well.  As an owner, I really feel that it’s your duty to keep these cars in great shape and preserved so that you and others can continue to get immense satisfaction out of them for years to come.  Although I haven’t owned one in over 4 years now, my memories are extremely vivid and joyful, and I never fail to wave to the proud Supra owners driving around and showing them off at various car shows.  It’s normal for a car guy to appreciate many types of cars, but the Supra stands in very rarefied air, a terrific example of a well rounded machine that can excel at so many things…even now!  So, proud Supra owners, I hope that you’ll carry on the fine traditions that I remember so much as part of the community (don’t worry, I have no plans of leaving despite not owning one), and continue to blaze new ground and set new standards for others to look up to.