93-98 Normally Aspirated FAQ’S

MKIV NA – F r e q u e n t l y A s k e d Q u e s t i o n s
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1. My NA is currently stock, what can I do to make it faster?

NA BPU (Basic performance upgrades) consist of a air filter and exhaust. A K&N FIPK from a ’87-92 Supra Turbo will bolt right on in place of the Stock air box and filter on the pre-OBD2 NA’S(93-95). You can install an aftermarket exhaust system made For the NA, or a system for a TT will bolt right on also. You may lose some Low end power with the TT system. If you are considering adding a turbo System in the future, go with a TT exhaust. You will gain roughly 20 hp.

2. Can I run NOS on my na?

Yes, the na engine can reliably withstand 150-200hp shot of Nitrous. The Crossflow intake system works well with either a single fogger NOS system, or A Direct Port System.

3. Whats this talk about adding a turbo kit to my n/a?

The NA engine is internally built just as strong as the TT engine, and responds Well to turbocharging. You can increase horsepower levels with a turbo kit To around 600hp reliably. Click Here to see how far an NA has been taken to, 700hp+! And click Here & Here to read about it.

4. Will the na transmission hold up to elevated horsepower levels?

The na 5-speed is tough, and will hold up well to high horsepower levels as Long as you don’t try launching hard at the track on slicks. The na automatic Transmission will survive at 300 rwhp levels for a while, but serious horsepower Will require that the transmission be built.

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