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The goal when we took over a few years ago was to revitalize the site and foster member engagement and keep the site relevant and useful for the Supra community. There have been some ups and downs and quite a steep learning curve.

We initially moved the site to a new pro bono host in the Supra community and set to work on the functionality of the site. It became clear pretty quickly that the web designer contracted by the previous owner wouldn’t be available to make the repairs and updates to the site. We contemplated going back to the old site framework. We determined that the WordPress platform gives us the functionality necessary to have user interaction and the ability to have multiple contributors adding, editing and updating articles.

After some time, the pro-bono host had a change in business focus and we had to search for a new host. We found a host who specializes in WordPress hosting and transferred the site. Since then, we have been working (albeit slowly) on fixing functionality (as users report errors) and doing the groundwork to add new features.

A few months ago, the site was hacked and went down. We worked to get site back up. Despite many anti-malware and spam tools, we recently realized that the theme that had been used was still harboring some suspect code. It was a good (and necessary) opportunity to replace the site theme.

Based on feedback, we’ve changed theme and are working on making the site more user friendly and giving it a look and feel more familiar long time users while still keeping and improving the current functionality. We are still working out a few bugs with the new theme but they should be resolved in the near future.

As we near our 20th year as a website and resource, we look forward to help make and keep this site relevant and useful for many more Supra owner generations to come.

Sincerely, Admin Team

If you have constructive feedback and/or would like to become a site contributor, please respond to this thread in the form below, leave a comment or message the Admin Team.

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Update (July 15th):

Afternooon all!
As you may have seen, we have the site running on the new theme. However we are still having some issues with old code fouling up the menu functions, etc. 

In the next few days we’re are going to be doing a full reinstall, so there may be some downtime while we’re working on the repairs.

If the site is down, please check this post on our Facebook Page for updates. Update Status

3D Toyota Supra in High Detail

** DISCLAIMER ** The Toyota Supra’s design, its logo, and the Toyota logo belong to Toyota Motor Company. The following images are intended solely for entertainment and not for commercial purposes. I do not claim the rights nor origin of any of the copyrighted designs portrayed in the following images unless otherwise clearly stated.

3D Toyota Supra
in High Detail

By Jay Xiong

A featured 3D Toyota Supra model? Why? There’s nothing particularly special about it. It has been done hundreds if not thousands of times by others for games, movies, fan art, etc. in various levels of quality and detail. So what makes this one stand out among the rest? Well, it’s all about what kind of Artist is behind such a project.

Hi, my name is Jay, and I had wanted an mkiv since the day I first laid eyes on one at a Connecticut highway gas station back in the spring of 2001; I was only 17. I then drew countless pictures of mkivs, collected almost all the scale models, and even saved as much money as I could in hopes of being able to afford my own someday. I saw all the movies with Supras (that I know of), watched all kinds of Supra vs.____ videos, often stayed aware on the road for possible Supra sightings, and I even made my own Supra comics. I talked about mkivs so much that “Supra” was practically my middle name. You see, this 3D Supra is different because it’s being modeled not by a regular Joe who simply likes mkivs but by an insane, lunatic Artist who has

worshipped mkiv Supras from day one.

So three years after discovering 3D Modeling, I dared myself to model the most detailed 3D mkiv Supra; I wanted to do this historic vehicle justice and help make it shine in the CG community since the majority of 3D Supras didn’t look quite right (go research it yourself). These artists had far greater potential but weren’t giving the Supra the level of attention it deserved. So I spent many nights up late and pulled numerous all-nighters, but modeling mostly around my busy schedule, it quickly became an every-now-and-then project, so what you see here has been in progress since 2009.

This 3D Supra was not made by commission nor for any sort of profit but made by an absolute fed-up maniac of an mkiv Supra fan (who is also now a proud 6-speed mkiv owner) purely for fun, and of course, just to say he did it. My hope is that you will appreciate (even if just a little) all the fine details I have crafted into this 3D model. I have used literally thousands of photo references (many of which were taken by myself) to ensure the model is as accurate as possible. With that in mind, however, capturing the exact dimensions & specs to the dot was not and is not the point (it’s impossible anyway, especially with polygon modeling). My goal is only to make it believable even to the trained eyes.

So pick it apart! Tell me the inaccuracies and problems you see, and I’ll make sure to fix up where needed. FEEDBACK PLEASE!! As of the date of this post, this model is about 90-95% completed as far as interior and exterior. The engine work as begun, and so far, it’s terribly brutal. From here on, it will mostly be engine updates. I cannot possibly know every single piece involved in the engine’s assembly (I’m a fan, not a mechanic), so your input would be greatly appreciated. So without further ado, enjoy this blog and its progress shots!

– Jay Xiong

Here it is… quite possibly the most detailed 3D Toyota Supra you’ve ever seen:


The following two were only meant for reflection testing and were not intended as final renders:

I love Advan T7s, so I might put these on for one of the final renders just for fun.