Supra Slideshow: A Few Supra Videos From Around the Internet

Here are a few Supra Slideshow Videos from around YouTube. If you  know of a great photo slideshow, post it in the comments or on the FaceBook page. The first two here are from MKIV member:  Alvaro Davila They are two slideshows of his brother’s Supra along with a few other cars. The rest of […]

Obsessing Over the Supra Search! AHHHHHH!

Have you done this? The search for a MKIV Supra can be completely consuming.  I am looking for another low-mile Supra to put next to THIS ONE and it is completely consuming me. Im checking the forums, eBay, classifieds sites – everywhere – about every 2 hours. Have you been in this boat? Have you totally obsessed […]

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