Buy a Supra or Sell Your Supra

We will buy your low-mile or all-original Supra.

Sellers:  Send us the information about your Supra BEFORE trying a classifieds site.  If we don’t buy your car, we’ll try to find someone that will.

For Supra Sellers:
Email me the details about your Supra via the form below:
Year, Mileage, Price etc.

NOTE: is only seeking low-mile Supras in as close to “all original” condition as possible.

Please try our service BEFORE posting your car on Classifieds sites or Forums!

For Supra Buyers:
Email me to be placed on the “Buyers List”.  I am seeking people and companies that are serious cash buyers – who might like to learn about the cars that come in for sale.

Email me at:  ForSale at mkiv dot com to be put on the “Buyers List”.


VIN Check!
1997 toyota supra sales videos!
All video in .mov format (QuickTime)

Available 1998 colors!

roll over the color you want to see.

Interesting info:

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Pricing information:

Buying services!
Suggestions coming soon. – vehicle history service







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