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If you are interested in advertising on MKIV.com – contact Sponsorship at mkiv dot com

MKIV.com offers opportunities to reach a very targeted group of individuals.  The users of MKIV.com are passionate Supra owners.  In fact, erectile 95% of our user base owns an MKIV Supra or are in the process of looking to buy (April 2013 survey).  MKIV.com offers incredible value and the ability to put your offering in front of thousands of passionate Supra owners.

MKIV.com has been a live website since late 1998.  Until 2012, the website design was largely unchanged.  A recent redesign has made the layout and fuction of the website much more appealing. Our users visit MKIV.com to find technical help, performance modifications and overall MKIV Supra articles.  For the past 15 years, MKIV.com has been the “go to” resource for the 1993-1998 Toyota Supra. 

MKIV.com has over 40,000 unique pages of content.  This means that MKIV.com appears in Google for hundreds of Supra related search phrases and our visitors frequent MKIV.com often (and spend a lot of time on the site).  We can offer your business the greatest exposure to the Toyota Supra community.

MKIV.com has two advertising options:

1.  Featured MKIV Sponsor  (1 of 1 available)   Size:  500X80
The featured MKIV.com sponsor will be the official sponsor of MKIV.com.  Your company will receive prime ad placement at the very top of the content area, just below the main navigation menu.  Your company will be “above the fold” and appear just above the main content on every page.  This offers exclusivity and the most exposure possible.  Additionally, your banner will be placed atop every MKIV.com Mailing Group email blast.  This mailer is sent to a list of 3000 subscribers and is sent 1 or 2 times per month.

2. Gold MKIV Sponsor (5 of 6 available)    Size:  300X50
The gold sponsors will have their company advertisements placed on the right side bar, just above the right navigation menu.  The users eyes are directed to the navigation menus and your company will appear where the MKIV visitors first look.  You will have tremendous exposure as your advertisement is featured on every page of content on MKIV.com.  Limited availability. 

We look forward to working with you and your company.

MKIV.com Admin Team

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