May 22, 2013
Supra Slideshow: A Few Supra Videos From Around the Internet Here are a few Supra Slideshow Videos from around YouTube. If you  know of a great photo slideshow, post it in the comments or on the FaceBook page. The first two here are from MKIV member:  Alvaro Davila They are two slideshows of h...Read More
May 18, 2013
Obsessing Over the Supra Search! AHHHHHH! Have you done this? The search for a MKIV Supra can be completely consuming.  I am looking for another low-mile Supra to put next to THIS ONE and it is completely consuming me. Im checking the forums, eBay, classifieds sites - everywh...Read More
May 02, 2013
Favorite Supra Picture? Show Yours! We all have a favorite Supra image stored on our computer/laptop/tablet. For some of us, this image is our background. I know, like me, the members of have a huge folder of Supra photos on their computer - and they always go ba...Read More
Apr 13, 2013
Wingless MKIV Supra = Ferrari 599? On more than one occasion, I've heard a person reference how similar a wingless Supra and a Ferrari 599 look. Now, there isn't a person alive that would confuse a 20 year old Toyota Supra with Ferrari's 599 which approaches $500,000 in GTO...Read More

Should I sell the Supra? Many of you who own or have owned the MKIV Toyota Supra must have come across this thought provoking question a few times in your life.  The Supra, to some, is now a twenty year old vehicle.  It is branded as "old technology", "90's techn...Read More
Apr 12, 2013
FOR SALE? Where are all the good Supras? Has anyone else noticed a trend lately? Over the past year or two I've failed to see many highly desirable Supras for sale on the market. Desirable to you may be one set of criteria, but for me, it's low miles, clean, accident free and ta...Read More

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